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Sunday, August 11, 2013


First off, I want to thank all of you who came out to bid on my work this past week. You are all fantastic people and it makes me very happy knowing that my artwork brings a form of pleasure to your lives. Thank you all.

That being said, I realize that my blog and journal space should be more than a billboard for my sales. I really should bring more than ebay plugs to the table.
I've been getting approached more and more by aspiring artists looking for advice on breaking in and improving their techniques. I can usually only offer so much advice before an individual has to just take the bull by the horns and GO FOR IT.
You're either going to make it or you're not. No one can force you, no one can really take it away from you, unless, of course, you do get pulled away from your dreams by some great tragedy or greater responsibility. Sometimes, dreams can become greater than we've can imagine. Sometimes, they get cast aside. But GO FOR IT.
You are responsible for you. If you really want to improve your drawing, stop waiting for better situations and DO IT. Do you want to be a better painter, sketch artist, ink artist, etc? GO FOR IT. You can't wait for the fabled "better economic time" or some politician to rescue you. YOU are the instrument of your change. DO IT. You live in the most incredible time ever, where the resources of THE WORLD are at your fingertips. Just a mouse click or swish of a finger on a tablet and you can have the advice of some of the greatest artists, writers, teachers, philosophers, etc AT YOUR FINGERTIPS. And no one is stopping you. RESEARCH? Thirty dollar AIRBRUSH ACTION instructional videos from years past have been uploaded to YOUTUBE. Fitness instructors give away their advice to YOU. For FREE.

Why should you spend another minute fretting about what so-and-so did at a party with so-and-so when you could be OFF exploring the UNIVERSE? GO FOR IT!!

You see, I never DREAMED that some of my art idols like JOE JUSKO, GEORGE PEREZ, and DAVE DORMAN, just to name a few, would be in constant contact with me over a SOCIAL NETWORK, but they are. Motivation like that to improve, could never be MORE CONVENIENT.

So what's stopping you? Your day job? Remember what we used to say in the OLDE DAYS: NO PAIN, NO GAIN. We had another very powerful phrase: SUCCESS IS THE BEST REVENGE.

GO FOR IT. You CAN. Every tool imaginable is at your grasp, no matter what dream has been placed on your heart. Now GIVE IT ONE HUNDRED TEN PERCENT. Only you can do that for you.