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Saturday, March 3, 2012


 I know many of you learned of Al Rio's ( ) passing in January. Al Rio was one of the first artists of the last 2 decades whose artwork was a great inspiration for me to follow as a standard for modern comic art. I couldn't believe it when I read the news, as I was eager to meet Mr. Rio someday soon.

Al Rio was a Brazilian artist who worked on such comics as Grimm Fairy Tales, X-Men, Spiderman, Star Wars, Gen 13, Vampirella and so many more. He also had art appear in trading card sets and did sketch cards as well.

A great artist, Al Rio was also a great person, tutoring art students and donating art to worthy causes.

Al leaves behind three children: Rene, Adrielle, and Isabel, and his wife Zilda. His funeral will be held on Wednesday, February 1st, on Cemitério São João Batista, in Fortaleza, Brazil.

Contributions may be made to his family on his behalf through Kickstarter, and condolences may be sent to his family through and

(FROM HIS WEBSITE--I urge you to visit, as his agent, Terry Maltos has been offering sales to benefit the family-thank you so much for your kind consideration)

 "If you would like to help Al Rio's family, please look around here at the Art For Sale, or I will make you custom Prints or buy some items from the Zazzle store. If you would like to just donate, please do so here. Al Rio's death has left a family without an income earner."